Life should not be spent working until you die.

It sounds obvious, yet this is what most of us do with our time.

In our mid-20s, we decided we were done selling our lives to our jobs. We were run down from 60-hour workweeks and long commutes, and we were tired of never seeing our family and friends. Some people can put up with a 9-5 for 50 years, but not us.

Life is too short and we wanted to take back control of our time.

We liked work — especially work that was engaging and meaningful — but we wanted to do it on OUR terms. We realized that the fastest way to own our lives was to own our money — to finally get smart about managing our finances and earning more so that we could destroy our debt, start building wealth, and be free.

We read every finance book we could find and got to work. We eliminated hundreds of thousands in student loan debt, earned the freedom to step aside from the working world, and put ourselves on the path to early retirement — all while traveling the world, paying for a wedding in cash, and continuing to spend on the things we love.

Then, we built this free course to teach others how to do the same. In these 7 lessons you’ll learn the mindsets and strategies we adopted to make it all happen.

Here's what you'll learn.

We designed this course to give you only the meat of what we learned about owning our money and reaching financial freedom. Each lesson is compact and takes less than 5 minutes to read. We’ve also included interactive tools and calculators to help you apply it to your own life.

Lesson 1

Learning about money makes you an outlier

Lesson 2

You are not your job

Lesson 3

You are not what you buy

Lesson 4

What the hell is money, anyway?

Lesson 5

How much money do you really make?

Lesson 6

Money is time

Lesson 7

The simple formula for wealth