Wealth Creation

Money Grows on Trees

Most people work for money and then spend it on things they need. When they need more, they work more.

If they make a little extra, they treat themselves. Maybe they'll take a vacation, or get a nicer apartment. Maybe they'll buy some new clothes or eat out at a fancy restaurant.

Money is something to spend, in order to live.

If this sounds completely reasonable to you, then you think like a poor consumer.

Sunflower Land

Imagine a different world where instead of dollars we used sunflower seeds.

Everyone in this fictional world has a job and goes to work just like you'd expect. But when they need food, or housing, or goods, they pay with their hard-earned sunflower seeds.

Everyone, except for you.

See, you've decided to plant some of your seeds.

While everyone else is begrudgingly working for their seeds and spending them as quickly as they earn them, you have been building a small garden.

Over time, you've tended to your sunflower garden. When the sunfowers create more seeds, you plant those seeds as well.

Eventually, your garden produces so many seeds that you don't have to work anymore. Whenever you need to buy something, you just go and collect some seeds from your garden.

You feel like you've discovered the secret! And you have to tell your friends.

"Hey everyone, you can plant your seeds and grow them! If you make a sunflower garden, you'll never have to work again!"

You believe you're helping, but you're shocked when you hear their reactions:

"Ehh. If I plant my seeds I can't spend them now. I'll have to wait for the garden to grow."

"I don't know anything about gardening and I can't be bothered to learn."

"Some of my seeds might not grow! Then I'll have lost those seeds."

"What if I die before my sunflowers have grown? Then it will have all been for nothing."

These people sound crazy!

Back to Reality

While this story might sound farfetched, this is exactly how real money works.

Money. Grows.

Being wealthy is not about amassing a lot of sunflower seeds, because if you spend them they'll be gone.

Being wealthy is about creating a sustainable garden that you can live off of forever.

And yet it's still so difficult to get people onboard:

"Ehh. If I invest my money I can't spend it now."

"I don't know anything about investing and I can't be bothered to learn."

"Some of my investments might not grow! Then I'll have lost money."

"What if I die before my investments grow? Then it will have all been for nothing."

While these may be valid concerns, aren't they worth overcoming to create a sustainable financial garden that you can live off of forever and never work again?

How do I start my garden?

We'll cover everything you need to know in our lessons to follow.

  • How to grow your money
  • How to optimize your spending
  • How to build massive wealth
  • How to not feel guilty about your purchases
  • How the rich think about money