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Financially Sound

The financial lessons you wish you had in college to help you build the rich life you've always wanted.

Mission Statement

Build wealth for your future without sacrificing today.

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How can I earn more without another job?
  • Do I need to start thinking about retirement?
  • How much do I need to retire?
  • I'd like to invest but how do I start?
  • Do I really need to budget?
  • Should I be paying off my loans faster?
  • Will I ever be able to afford a house?
  • Is it bad that these questions make me cringe?

With so much information out there and no clear answers it's easy to put off our financial questions until later (and sometimes much later).

But then we feel uneasy whenever we spend money or even think about money. What can we do?

This course, Financially Sound, will help you build
a Wealth Machine for your future while forming a lifestyle you love today.

  • Grow your money, build rich habits and invest even if you don't have much money now.
  • Buy what you love, but cut ruthlessly on the things you don't.
  • Build confidence around money, investing, and your finances. Let go of poor money beliefs.

The most important step you can take is to get started. We're not exaggerating when we say that delaying can cost you millions over your lifetime. We'll guide you through it all step-by-step.

Course Overview

What does it take to become wealthy? From buried-in-debt to millionaire, we'll show you what that path looks like.

Your Financial Journey
The path to becoming wealthy, in 5 minutes
Part One

Avoid Disaster

Accidents happen. If you haven't built up your financial defenses, you may spend decades undoing these mistakes. Protect yourself from these worst case scenarios.

Society's Five Financial Traps
Money mistakes that will keep you poor forever
Beliefs of the Poor
The 3 money beliefs that will keep you poor
The Risk of Ruin Checklist
The insurance you need to sleep easy
Part Two

Critical Mindshifts

These are the fundamental ideas that underpin our whole approach. When you start seeing money differently, you can begin to make money work for you.

How Money Grows
And why this one idea separates the rich from the poor
Build your Financial System
Vanquish uncertainty with a rock-solid system
Live Your Values
Stop giving in to how everyone else spends their money
Part Three

Focused Spending

If you feel guilty when you spend it's because you don't have a plan. Instead, if you know your future goals are taken care of, buying what you want is finally guilt-free.

Buy what you love without the guilt
Why you regret your purchases and how to stop
You don't need a budget
Stay in control of your spending without a budget
Vanquish Debt
Why humans were never meant to manage money
Automate, automate, automate
Why humans were never meant to manage money
Part Four

Earn More Income

Earning more money gives you the breathing room for more options. You can choose to upgrade your lifestyle, race faster towards your financial goals, or treat yourself.

Your job won't make you rich
Buy what you love without the guilt
The Four Types of Income
Three of which you are ignoring
Get a $10,000 Raise
How negotiating your raise will make you a millionare
Credit Cards: Our Foolproof Strategy
Maximize your rewards while minimizing your spend
Part Five

Master Investing

The foundational idea of being wealthy is to have money work for you. If you're not investing, you're working twice as hard for half the pay. How much money are you leaving on the table?

Automate Your Retirement
Get ahead of 87% of Americans in just 15 minutes
Index Funds & The Stock Market
How it works and why it keeps going up
What do I invest in?
How to pick strong investments and what to avoid
Diversification & Risk
Build wealth even when the market crashes
Crypto & Alternative Investments
How to navigate high risk, high reward investments
Part Six

Be Wealthy Forever

Seriously. If you've managed your investments well you can cross the tipping point of quitting your job and living off of your investment returns for the rest of your life.

Designing your Rich Lifestyle
Live an extraordinary life while honoring your values
How to live off your wealth forever
Managing your money so you never have to work again
Shifting to a Wealthy Mindset
And why your past beliefs won't serve you anymore
Advanced Tax Tactics
Avoid taxes and optimize your financial system
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