Work until you die.

Are you fed up with the idea of working for the rest of your life?

  • 9am to 5pm (minimum)
  • 5 days on, 2 days off
  • for 50 years

Isn't it crazy that we must sell our time, which we cannot get back, just to survive? We work at jobs we don't enjoy, for people we don't like, just to pay for the basic necessities of living.

Is this the American Dream?

The Great Resignation

If you feel this way, you are not alone. The Pandemic has forced many of us to re-evaluate our lives, and more and more people are realizing they're unhappy.

We know that our time (and how we spend it) is more important than anything else. That's why we're tired of:

  • spending more time with our coworkers than our friends, families, and significant others
  • commuting to a job that can be done at home
  • taking just two weeks vacation per year
  • working a schedule that forces us to sacrifice our fitness and our diets
  • using our limited weekend time just to recover from the week

Time is our most valuable resource and yet we are forced to trade so much of it for money.

We feel trapped.

Not only can we not quit, but many of us can't even take a break! An emergency expense or becoming unemployed for even a short period of time would be catastrophic. How would we pay for:

  • rent & food
  • health insurance
  • student loans
  • car payments
  • activities with our friends

And if we're lucky enough to get a raise, or make more than the bare minimum, we spend it on relief. We go out drinking, upgrade our lifestyle, get a nicer apartment, or treat ourselves. Because if we can't use our money to make our life a little easier, then the grind is that much more soul-crushing.

If only we had money-printing machines.

What if we had machines that printed us enough money to cover all of our needs? What would it mean if we didn't have to work anymore? We'd be able to:

  • explore hobbies
  • travel the world
  • spend time with the people who matter most
  • focus on your health
  • catch up on reading
  • sleep, rest, and recover

Most importantly, we'd have our time back and the freedom to choose how to spend it.

What a lovely fantasy, right?

It's not a fantasy at all. This is exactly how the wealthy live.

It's easy to assume that wealthy people just make more money than the rest of us, but that isn't entirely accurate.

The wealthy have built and acquired Money Machines that:

  • don't require their time to operate
  • generate money while they sleep
  • grow on their own to provide more money this month than last month

What is a Money Machine you ask? They are:

  • investments
  • rental properties
  • businesses
  • online courses
  • etc.

Essentially any sources of Passive Income: money earned without having to sell your time for it.

You are wealthy when your expenses are forever covered by your passive income and investment growth.

The Game of Wealth

This is the biggest misconception about becoming wealthy. The goal is not to make (and spend) the most money. The goal is reclaim your time.

We want to transition from Active Income (your 9-to-5 job) to Passive Income (money while you sleep).

And when you reach this point, something crazy happens. You enter a virtuous cycle where your investments continually grow and therefore you can continually upgrade your lifestyle.

  • personal trainers and chefs
  • multiple homes
  • designer clothes (if you want)
  • the ability to take care of everyone around you
  • the freedom to live and travel anywhere

All of this is possible because your investments are growing faster than your expenses. It's why the rich are always getting richer.

Is the game fair?

Not at all.

Unlike a video game, the earliest levels are the most difficult, and the final levels are ridiculously easy. It's why wealth inequality continues to grow, and it's likely not a sustainable game for society at large.

While we need to create a more fair system, that is not what this website is about.

This website, WorkForTime, is about how the Game of Wealth is played: the rules, the traps, the misconceptions, and the strategies.

Whether you want to become wealthy yourself, fight the system, or just avoid the pitfalls, is up to you.

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